Nourishing Your Skin During Peri-Menopause and Menopause

Nourishing Your Skin During Peri-Menopause and Menopause

Menopause is usually described medically as being the twelve months after a woman’s last period and the years leading up to that point, when women may exhibit a number of different symptoms and side effects of this hormonal change are known as peri-menopause.

Menopause occurs differently for every woman and can happen at different points in their life and there is no normal time or way to go through menopause, however the most common time for this to occur is between the ages of 45 and 55. The process usually lasts about seven years but can last up to 14 years for some people. This duration is dependent upon factors such as lifestyle, race, and ethnicity. 


Menopause and peri-menopause can come with difficult symptoms. During menopause the ovaries stop producing eggs and hormone levels change dramatically. The body begins to change the way it uses energy, women gain weight more easily and can have issues with bone and heart health. You may deal with anything from hot flushes and night sweats to forgetfulness, headaches, tiredness, insomnia, irritability, and depression.


The hormonal changes surrounding menopause changes the way your body produces collagen, causing skin to become less elastic, causing an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. According to this study published by the National Library of Medicine, Estrogen insufficiency makes skin thinner with less collagen, decreased elasticity, and an increase in wrinkling and dryness. You can also lose fat from underneath the skin, cause it to droop around the neck, jawline, and cheeks.


All in all, it sounds like a terrible time, but there are plenty of upsides to menopause as well. It can see the end of hormonal issues like PMS, migraines, fibroids, menstrual pain, and endometriosis. And it usually comes with a rush of energy, both physical and psychological that is often called menopausal zest. It marks a new time with less responsibilities and more energy. And if you know how to take care of yourself during the process, it can be less painful and difficult than the worst-case scenarios might sound. Doctors are well equipped to guide you through hormonal change and help you protect your bones and heart. 


When it comes to skincare that protects and heals menopausal skin, we’ve done the research and the work for you. From the age of about 45 onwards, good skincare is about giving back to your skin. Your skin is likely to be dryer as it loses some of its ability to hold water and it will have less collagen and elastin to help it bounce back. The lack of skin firmness can lead to visible pores and occasionally the change in hormones may lead to acne breakouts as well. It will be important to spend time building good skincare routines, based on what your skin needs and finding ways to support and nourish your skin through this transitional time. As everyone's skin and experience through menopause is different, you'll have to do what's right for you, but there are a few dermatologically tested approaches that have been shown to be effective in managing menopausal skin.


Using powerful, enriching oils within your skincare routine is valuable for older skin that needs extra protection from the elements. Look for nourishing, protective ingredients like wild yam, which is high in phytoestrogens and helps support natural estrogen. This is great to use during the day to keep your skin hydrated in air-conditioning or heated environments.

Another powerful ingredient that can be a vital addition to a healthy menopausal skincare ritual is ceramides which help keep moisture on the skin all day long and kakadu plum - one of the highest natural source of Vitamin C, which work to protect and support your skin all day.

It is also important to use products that gently cleanse your skin and don't exacerbate dryness. Such as using cleansers that are fortified with ingredients like shea butter to help the skin retain it's vital oils.

Vanessa Gray Lyndon, founder and formulator for Vanessa Megan, has formulated the entire Metamorphosis range to treat the specific needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal skin.


During menopause the skin can become sensitive and brittle. It requires gentle cleansing that won't exacerbate dryness. Our Recovery Hydrating Cream Cleanser is fortified with nourishing Shea butter and certified organic ingredients to help hydrate your skin while removing makeup, excess oil and environmental pollutants while balancing the pH of your skin and keeping it well hydrated, without stripping the skin of it's vital oils. This formula does not sting your eyes when using.


The way you will exfoliate will depend on the way your skin is changing. If it is rough and needs a deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells or is prone to breakouts you may want to use Flawless, our Vitamin C Brightening Exfoliating Powder, which is a powder to paste exfoliator formulated to buff away dead skin cells, help brighten pigmentation and age spots and allow deeper penetration of serums and oils into the epidermal layer.

Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant and in skincare products it fights free radicals that cause skin ageing. Using organic and natural actives of Yoghurt and Rice Enzymes with Vitamin C gently uncover a smoother, brighter and more even complexion, revealing flawlessly radiant skin.


During the day, protect your skin with our Vitamin A+B+C Daily Face Cream SPF 15+ as the sun is still the number one cause of skin aging and you need to protect yourself even more when your skin has less natural resilience.

At night, opt for something rich and restorative like our Aeon Azure Regenerative Crème which submerges the skin in moisture, protecting the surface layers from pollutants, helping soothe dryness and assisting in repairing the skin’s external barrier using peptides from nature and the anti-aging hero ingredient bakuchiol, nature’s alternative to retinol.


Once a week (or more if you need it), we recommend a deep healing mask like our Gold and Lime Caviar Sheet Mask, which contains colloidal gold to prevent and heal microdamage, increase elasticity, slow collagen depletion and stimulate cells to firm the skin.

For a skin recharge try our Cryo Facelift Ice Cube Treatment, which uses polar temperatures to shock your skin into improved circulation, immediate functional recovery, reduced inflammation and boosted glow.

Twice a week, use an LED mask like our Butterfly Effect Medical Grade Silicone LED Mask, which will stimulate cellular activity including the fibroblasts that produce collagen.


We have developed our AM Routine and PM Routine to provide a powerful mix of ingredients to plump, enrich and brighten menopausal skin. By combining these powerful, dermatologically tested ingredients into a skincare ritual, Metamorphosis gives you the highest concentration of naturally effective ingredients on the market, to help you look and feel your best.